Whitby Menís Slo-Pitch League

League Rules

As Amended March 10, 2011


The rules as laid down by the Executive Committee apply to all members with no exceptions and will be enforced by the Executive Committee.


1.††††† Slo-Pitch Ontario rules will apply unless superseded by the following rules.


2.††††† A roster of all team members must be submitted to the Executive Committee before the first game of the playing season. The roster must include the name, address, phone number and signature of each returning player. Completed New Player Registration Forms must be submitted for each for each new player. . Games will be defaulted by a team fielding any players with incomplete registrations and/or unpaid fees.


3.††††† In order to avoid forfeiture of a game, a team must start the game with no less than 9 players, of which 7 must be registered players from that team. A team with 7 or 8 players may pick up registered player(s) from any other team within the current season to a maximum of 9 players. A team with 9 players may pick up a registered player from any other team within the current season or have the opposing team supply a catcher to a maximum of 10 players. Only one player may be from the opposing team. One player must play catcher and the other can play any position other than pitcher. Both must bat at the bottom of the batting order. The player from the opposing team must play catcher and will not be included in the batting order or be considered an automatic out when it would have been his turn at bat. If any registered team member arrives before the completion of the batting order once, he must replace the 10th and then the 9th and then the 8th players respectively. Approved Scenarios:


- 7 players + 1 pickup & other team must supply catcher (9 players - 3 outfielders)

- 7 players + 2 pickups (9 players - 3 outfielders)

- 8 players & other team must supply catcher (9 players - 3 outfielders)

- 8 players + 1 pickup (9 players - 3 outfielders)

- 9 players & other team must supply catcher (10 players - 4 outfielders)

- 9 players + 1 pickup (10 players - 4 outfielders)


4.††††† After team rosters have been established for the season any additional players required must be obtained through the Draft List held by the Draft Committee.


5.††††† All registered players present for a game must be entered in the line-up and play both offensively and defensively. A team shall consist of a maximum of ten players on defense at one time. While only ten (10) players constitute a full defense, all players entered in the line-up must take a regular turn at bat. All players must play at least two full innings defensively; the penalty for violation of this rule is forfeiture of the game. No substitutions allowed.


6.††††† A player must participate in 50% of the scheduled games to be eligible for the playoffs. Players who join a team in midseason must play at least 50% of the remaining games for their team and a minimum of six regular season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs. The Executive Committee may approve specific cases of absenteeism, which will override the general requirement.


7.††††† The winning team is responsible for calling in the score to the Statistics and Media Committee, who will keep this record on hand for reference. In the event of a tie game the home team shall report the score.Each team must have a competent scorekeeper. The home team is responsible for keeping the official score of the game.


8.††††† The Statistics and Media Committee shall be responsible for the rescheduling of rained out games and games cancelled due to lighting failure. The home team shall advice the Committee at which time a date will be selected. The Committee will be responsible for advising the other team of the rescheduled date.


9.††††† The home team has the responsibility to set out the diamond including the placement of mats and bases.


10.††† No metal or plastic spikes are permitted during the game, either on offense or defense. Non-metal soccer cleats are acceptable.


11.††† No body contact is allowed. The umpire will resolve any disputes, which arise during a game. If the contact is considered to be deliberate, the umpire shall eject the player from the game. If any altercation arises during a game, the umpire may, at his/her discretion, eject any or all participants in the altercation. In any event, the umpire shall submit a written report on any such incident to the League Executive. The report will be reviewed by the Discipline Committee, which will decide what further action, if any, is required. As part of their review, the Discipline Committee may require representations to be made by the players involved before making a decision.


†††††††† Any ejection will result in an automatic one game suspension (next scheduled season or playoff game) for the player(s) involved and a review by the disciplinary committee which may result in additional penalties.Player(s) cannot play for any other team until their suspension(s) have been served.


12.††† For each game, the home team will supply a new ball and a second used ball.

Unless otherwise designated only Grey Dot 40 balls will be used.


13.††† Courtesy runner, a team may use a maximum of five (5) courtesy runners per game. The courtesy runner must be a roster player and cannot have previously been used as a courtesy runner during this game. The courtesy runner must be announced to the umpire at home plate before he takes his place on the base. If the courtesy runner is due up to bat the team may substitute with another courtesy runner.However, if this cannot be implemented (e.g. all five courtesy runners have been utilized) the courtesy runner due up is out but remains on base and the next batter in the line-up is due up.


14.††† Carded Slo-Pitch Ontario or Slo-Pitch National umpires will umpire every game for the League.For Playoffs Ė 2 umpires will be used in all elimination games.


15.††† Games will be 1 hour and 25 minutes. If the home team is at bat and leading or tied at curfew the game will end and the score will stand. If the home team is behind at curfew and have not completed their own at bats, the score will revert back to the last complete inning.  


Umpires are required to announce the starting and end times of the game to both team reps/coaches at the beginning of the game.  


Games cannot exceed their scheduled end time regardless of how many minutes have been played. Games scheduled to start at 5:00 p.m. must end at 6:25 p.m.,

6:30 p.m. games at 7:55 p.m.,

8:00 p.m. games at 9:25 p.m. and

9:30 p.m. games at 10:55 p.m.


16.††† If after fifteen (15) minutes past the starting time, a legal team cannot be fielded; the game shall be defaulted.


17.††† In the event that you are aware you will not be able to field a team, notify the opposing team representative and the Statistics and Media Committee at least 48 hours prior to the game. This will be considered a cancelled game, still a 7-0 loss, with no financial penalty to the team, which cancels.


18.††† Each team is allowed a maximum of one default game (less than 48 hours notice) with no financial penalty. Subsequent default games will cost the defaulting team $40 per default, payable to the Whitby Menís Slo-Pitch League. All owed money must be paid prior to the playoffs; otherwise the team will not be permitted to play in the playoff championship tournament.


19.††† Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed before, during, or after any games on park premises. Players found drinking on park premises and reported to the League Executive are subject to an immediate and automatic suspension as follows:


†††††††† a) First offense - suspended for the next 5 consecutive games on the team schedule.

†††††††† b) Second offense - suspended for the balance of the season including playoffs.

†††††††† c) Third offense - life suspension from the Whitby Menís Slo-Pitch League.


†††††††† These offenses are cumulative from one year to the next. In each case the individual involved may appeal the suspension, however, if the appeal is not successful, the suspension will stand.


20.†††††† Offensive and defensive players will obey the following:


Commitment Line - A line in foul territory drawn 21 feet from the back of home plate and perpendicular to the third base line. When a runner crosses this line by touching the ground beyond the line but does not reach home plate, he shall be called out when a defensive player in contact with home plate legally holds the ball. Runners, who have not crossed the line or who cross the line but must tag up on a caught fly ball, may return to third base with liability to be put out.


Safe Line - A line drawn in foul territory starting at the top left-hand corner of home plate perpendicular to the third base line. A runner attempting to reach home must do so by touching the ground in foul territory on or beyond the SAFE LINE. Sliding into home plate is not allowed. The runner is out if he touches home plate or the mat whether or not a play is being made. A runner is not out if the plate is touched in an attempt to avoid a collision.


21.†††††† The only acceptable jewelry is a Medic Alert and a wedding band otherwise the player is not allowed to play offensively or defensively.


22. ††††† Home run rule: The league has a 2-plus home run rule. This means once a team has hit 2 home runs they cannot hit another until the opposing team hits one.If the opposing team has not hit one and the team with the home runs hits a ball over the fence it will be considered a single walk. All runners will not advance one base unless forced.


Balls deflected over the fence by a fielder is considered a 4-base award and not a home run and therefore would not count toward the home run total and would not be a single walk if applicable.


Inside-the-park home runs will not count toward the home run total in the application of the 2-plus rule.


A ball hit over the fence as a single walk will count toward the individual playerís season home run total.


Homeruns Hit by Pick-up Players will not count towards the individual's HR Totals, nor will they be applied to any teamís HR Totals.

  1. Team bats must comply to the American Softball Association standards and must appear on the legal bat list as posted on their website.Standard Slo-Pitch Ontario (SPO) rules apply to players using illegal bats.2009 Definition from SPO rules:


A batter shall be ejected from the game if he is discovered to be using an altered bat or a non-approved bat after entering the batter's box. The ejected player is suspended for the remainder of the tournament with a review by the Disciplinary Committee. A second offence will result in a minimum of one year suspension.

Note: An altered bat is one that has had its physical structure changed, including, but not limited to

1.†††††††† The bat has had the surface of the barrel or the taper changed in any way such as by sandpapering or applying a solvent to the surface such as fingernail polish remover or by any other means,

2. ††††††† The bat has had the plug or the knob removed/replaced or changed in any way,

3.†††††††† The bat has had anything removed or added or inserted to the inside or outside of the bat other than tape at the handle or knob.

4. ††††††† The bat has been repainted.

Other examples of an altered bat would be changing or replacing manufacturers' markings or replacing the handle of the metal bat with a wooden handle.

Cracked, worn, or damaged bats are not altered bats, but will be removed from play. Such cracked, worn, or damaged bats will not result in a player suspension unless the player returned the offending bat into play after it has been removed.


  1. A trapper can be worn by any in-field player.


  1. Equipment: Minimum uniform shall be similar coloured shirts.Caps, if worn, may be worn however the player decides.


  1. Mercy Rule: Up by more than 15 runs at the end of 4.5 or 5 innings. Trailing teamís discretion to end game and score submitted as-is.